A Skip running drill is quite possibly one of the best running drills to practice. This is a modified version. Give it a shot. Try doing this before running or after, 3x times per week would be a good start. Running is a posterior chain┬ásport, meaning the better your back, lats, gluts, hammies & calves work… the better you will go forward. The reason the a-skip drill works so well when done properly is because it realies a lot on the posterior chain. As you drive your knee up, you are actually shortening or contracting your opposite glut! It’s also a great dynamic warm-up to have in your tool bag before hard workouts or races. When you use a band around your waste, even more emphasis is placed on the gluts. You can practice really opening up the A skip, or keeping it short, tight and fast. Practice makes perfect.


Want more?

*slight forward lean
*good timing off the ground
*one leg is into hip flexion while the ground or anchor leg is in extention
*relaxed shoulders

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