High Fat Low Carb Eggs & Bacon

Here’s a great meal option for breakfast. Super high fat, super low carb.

  1. 3 eggs
  2. heavy cream
  3. aged cheddar
  4. bacon chopped
  5. cream cheese
  6. cayenne pepper

You’re probably wondering, why would i want all this fat and no carbs? Don’t athletes need glycogen to train? Won’t this upset my stomach? Won’t you bonk? Will i get high cholesterol. My coach says this is stupid. The truth is, you have to get dirty on this one and do some serious reading and research. If you can become a fat burner, you will race faster at all distances! And guess what… you’ll still have great glycogen stores. It’s high fat low carb, not NO CARB. Pshh.


Look for more posts on this, in the meantime, check out these links if you want to read a little a get a head start.






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