Josh Shadle Coaching

Coach Josh Shadle

  • 400m PR – 48
  • 800m PR – 1:54
  • 5k PR – 15:50
  • Half Ironman PR – 4:15
  • 1k yd TT Swim – 11:40
  • USA Triathlon 5x All-American
  • Massage Therapist Since 2006
  • Personal Trainer
  • Racing Since 2005

Philosophy: There are a lot of options out there when it comes to coaching. I didn’t start out a triathlete like many others, but I did start out running middle distance competitively. I’m sort of a hybrid, I’ve been massaging athletes since 2006 and have worked with many of the greatest athletes in the world in Boulder, CO. Lets just say I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes and even more from others in my journey to becoming an elite triathlete. Injury prevention and empowering you to take care of yourself while you journey to your next race is of utmost importance to me. My philosophy on coaching is a blend of science, health, nutrition, body mechanics and just good ole fashion GRIT. I’m an all-arounder and am ready to work with you, no matter what level athlete you think you are.

Experience: I moved to Boulder, CO to become a professional triathlete and massage therapist in 2005. I qualified for my pro card and decided not to take it and focus on working without the stress of racing. Since then, I’ve started many businesses that have helped shape the person I am today including TRI-Massage, Stride Pros, Gait Analysis Online, All-Sports Recovery Club and Fuelary. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to work with 100s of professional and world class athletes in many sports, especially triathlon. I bring to the table, many years of experience to help shape the athlete you want to become.


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